7 Notable Bamboo Supplement Benefits



Bamboo as a plant has always stood out for its many uses. It has come to a point where the bamboo leaves are now used for many health benefits. They can be turned into bamboo shoots or supplements to make it easier for many people to use them and enjoy the health benefits. It is why today we want to look at the bamboo supplement benefits to see just what you would be getting whenever you invest in such products. Also, we will look at the top options in terms of bamboo supplements available in the market.

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Top 7 Bamboo Supplement Benefits

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1. They can be good for weight loss

We all know that weight loss is not always the easiest thing to do. However, if you can get something that helps you get half there, then it is a nice start. The bamboo supplements are often seen as a great option for you to consider when you need to cut down the number of calories you take per day.

Whenever you take bamboo supplements, they make you feel fuller for longer. And still, they contain a lot less calories. Whenever you feel fuller, you do not have to necessarily eat or snack all the time. Fewer calories going into the body mean that you can also start losing weight.

2. Protecting your heart health

When it comes to finding out more about the bamboo supplement benefits, one thing you will notice is that it is also good for your heart. According to several researches, compounds such as phytosterols and phytonutrients found in the bamboo plant are good for dissolving the harmful LDL type of cholesterol from the body. As such, you will now end up having a healthier heart than before.

Since more of the LDL cholesterol is removed, you will notice that the movement of blood throughout the body is better.

A research conducted by Park and Jhon from Washington State University shows more evidence that the use of bamboo supplements will also lead to balanced cholesterol.

3. Anti-cancer properties

We had mentioned the phytosterols above when it comes to balancing cholesterol. Well, the same compound is good with its anti-cancer properties. This will help further in protecting your body against the major cancer types. Such include stomach cancer, lung cancer, and so many others.

Several epidemiological studies have also found there is a strong relationship between high fiber diet and the reduced risks involved with getting colon cancer. As such, the use of bamboo supplements is highly encouraged today.

4. Good for the immune system

There is a reason we call them supplements. They can provide the body with the right amount of additional compounds that the body might be lacking. For this case, we find that it can be great for improving the overall immune system of the body. This is because bamboo contains vitamins and minerals. In addition, the bamboo plant also has antioxidants. The result is that you get to end up with the best immune system.

It will not be easy for you to suffer from some of the common ailments. As such, you should be healthy as compared to those who might have low immune systems.

5. Good for the Skin

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We all love to have glowing and smooth skin all the time. However, it is a combination of many things that can make this possible. Some of the things you have to consider is the use of bamboo supplements. One of the bamboo supplement benefits is that it will increase collagen production. This helps with making your skin look younger than before. Also, you will end up with a glowing skin better than before.

Other than increasing collagen, the bamboo supplements will also enhance the skin elasticity, lock in moisture, fight acne, and strengthen the skin even further. As such, supplements are a great option for someone who has to improve their skin.

6. Improves your hair

Yes, one of the bamboo supplement benefits is that they can be good for your hair. If you are always having a bad day with your hair, maybe it is time to try out bamboo supplements to see how they can help.

Bamboo has the silica compound important for helping to slow down the shedding of the hair. If shedding of hair is something you experience more often, then this is a nice option to keep in mind. The supplement will help in improving the overall circulation of blood and nutrients towards the hair follicles. Since they are now getting all the nutrients, then you should end up with the best hair too.

After a couple of weeks or months of using the supplements, you should notice that the hair has an increased shine and brightness. The supplements can also help to treat skin conditions such as Psoriasis. No more red itchy spots for you again.

7. Aids with Bowel Movements

It can be frustrating sometimes when you do not end up with the best bowel movement. Dietary fiber is always important to make bowel movement better. That is something that bamboo shoots would help with. Well, the bamboo supplements would still help with the whole process of bowel movement. As such, you will notice that you can now have better health as compared to before. Including the bamboo supplements as part of your daily meals can go a long way to improve the digestion too.

From the many bamboo supplement benefits above and many others, it is easy to see why many would want to use such products. As such, we researched about the top options in the market. Check out some of the top bamboo supplements in the market for you to use below.

Top 3 Bamboo Supplements

Swanson Bamboo Extract for Hair and Nails Silica Supplement

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This is a nice choice for anyone in the market to enjoy bamboo supplement benefits. This is because this one is made to be good for your hair, skin, and nails. Once you start using the supplement, you are likely to start seeing the results in a couple of weeks. Yes, it is fast acting as compared to some other products. You will find yourself having a smooth and hydrated skin if you keep using it.

The supplement comes with up to 70% silica content. Such is important for promoting the formation of collagen in the body. As such, it will help in fighting the signs of aging. We are always looking for a way to stall aging, well this is a nice place to start.

This supplement is also good for ending up with the best bone health. The supplement is known for supporting the bone health too. It will make it possible for the body to increase its calcium absorption, which is important for improving the bone density and strength.

Herbal Papaya Bamboo Leaf Extract Liquid

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For those who still want to explore the many bamboo supplement benefits, this is still a nice option to get today. It is rich in silica making it one of the best for your hair, skin, and nails. You will also find that the collagen production is improved further to help in maintaining joint and bone health.

Those who have been using this supplement for months would recommend it as an anti-aging product. You never have to worry about the hair also falling off quickly considering that the product does come with silica. It helps in improving blood circulation to the hair follicles to improve the health of the hair. The same goes for the nails too.

You have to use it as recommended if you want to experience most of the benefits. The good thing is that it comes with many positive reviews, you are likely to start experiencing the benefits in a couple of weeks. This is better as compared to some other products that might take months.


The bamboo supplement benefits we have looked at above should be enough motivation to get yourself some of these supplements to see how they can benefit you. Each time you try to buy a top supplement product, make sure it is safe, made of quality materials, and comes from a top brand. The last thing you would want is to end up with a supplement that barely work. You should always give the supplement time for it to work its magic. Nothing can happen overnight. Give it a few weeks and see if it would be possible to enjoy using it even for many more months.



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