Bamboo Sheets Vs. Egyptian Cotton: Quick and Ideal Comparisons


When looking to furnish your bed to enjoy a nice, good night’s sleep, then picking the right type of sheets is important. Sheets can be made of different materials. For most people, they are used to cotton sheets, but there are other materials too. In our case, we want to look at bamboo sheets vs. Egyptian cotton sheets.

Do not be surprised when you notice that bamboo can also make sheets. Other than making surprisingly good utensils and other applications, bamboo is a nice material for sheets too.

The table below is a summary highlighting the top bamboo sheets

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Bamboo Sheets Vs. Egyptian Cotton: The Comparison

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Bamboo sheets are made from bamboo fiber. The fiber is obtained from bamboo plants likely to have fewer timber features in it. The manufacturing process to get the sheets varies depending on the type of fabric feel and overall goals of the sheets.

Well, cotton sheets, on the other hand, are simply made from cotton material. Depending on the quality of cotton, we now end up with Egyptian cotton sheets. The Egyptian cotton sheets are known for having finer threads and a higher thread count resulting in soft sheets for a luxurious appeal.

Below, we want to look at the differences between these two by comparing them in various features.

The Durability

Winner: Bamboo sheets

Both bamboo and Egyptian cotton sheets have some of the best durability features in the market. This is because the materials used to make them are of high quality. It is estimated that they can last up to 15 years with basic maintenance.

One thing that makes them highly durable should be because of long fibers used to make these sheets. Instead of patching together small fabrics, bamboo and Egyptian sheets are made from long thin fibers. Such a method also ensures there are fewer chances of tearing and piling.

As much as they are durable, these sheets need you to take care when washing. To maintain the quality of the bamboo and Egyptian cotton sheets, it is recommended to use gentle cycles when washing them.

The Egyptian cotton sheets will likely discolor faster than bamboo sheets. This is because cotton sheets can absorb sweat and oil from your body while sleeping. After a few years, you will notice yellow and gray stains on your cotton sheets.

The Feel

Winner: Personal Choice

Bamboo sheets have the same feel as silk material minus the slippery nature of silk. You will also find bamboo material being naturally light and breathable. This is because of the natural moisture-wicking capabilities of bamboo. So, even during the hottest months, bamboo sheets do not stick to your skin. The temperature regulating capabilities are also important to keep you warm during winter or cool during summer.

Egyptian cotton sheets, especially those having a high thread count will also have a soft and luxurious feel to them. These sheets age well with time. The longer you use them, the softer they become. Unlike other types of cotton, Egyptian cotton has better breathability thus making it ideal for many users.

If you want the best soft Egyptian cotton sheets, make sure the minimum thread count is 200.

So, which one is better? For this category, it comes down to personal preference. Some might prefer bamboo sheets while other Egyptian cotton sheets.


Winner: Bamboo sheets

Anyone who is looking to buy bamboo sheets will do so because the material is hypoallergenic. It means that bamboo does not trigger allergies. So, anyone with sensitive skin can benefit from using bamboo sheets. We had also mentioned that bamboo material is has a good wicking ability. This prevents the growth of bacteria in your bedding over time. The wicking ability also prevents odor from clinging to your bed sheets.

As much as Egyptian cotton sheets have a nice feel, they do not have the same amount of health benefits as bamboo sheets. However, these cotton sheets can still be soft for sensitive skin.

Environmental Impact

Winner: Bamboo Sheets

Many people right now would look at the environmental impact before buying a certain product. Bamboo plants are easy to grow. Even if we harvest them for making bedsheets, the whole process is sustainable. Within five years, we would always have another batch of bamboo plants ready for harvesting. They also do not need pesticides and other chemicals to help them grow better. As such, we find the use of bamboo having a positive environmental impact.

When we switch to cotton material, we find that cotton needs an excessive amount of pesticides and other chemicals to grow. This does not mean Egyptian cotton sheets are bad, but you can always opt for other bedding options made from organic cotton.

The Price

Winner:  Bamboo Sheets with a lower thread count

Both bamboo sheets and Egyptian cotton sheets vary in terms of costs. The cost is mostly dependent on features such as comfort and thread count. Even for these luxurious sheets, it is possible to get them at affordable prices. For sheets marked as 100% bamboo or 100% Egyptian cotton, you will find that they are slightly more expensive. For someone on a budget, it is best to opt for bamboo sheets with a lower thread count. Egyptian cotton sheets with a lower thread count might not always be worth buying.

Top 4 Bamboo Sheets to Buy

Below, we look at the top options for those who want to settle on bamboo sheets.

Runner’s Up

LuxClub 6 PC Sheet Set Bamboo Sheets

Photo credit: Amazon

These bamboo sheets come with deep pockets. These pockets are for fitting the sheets over tall mattresses for a comfortable fit. They are still softer to ensure comfort is not compromised for people who are always looking for the best bamboo sheets. You will also find them being more breathable than the finest Egyptian cotton sheets.

The bamboo material is ideal for fighting any cases of bacteria accumulation in the sheets. Such a feature makes the sheets antibacterial and allergy-free. Combining such features with being hypoallergenic, you should find these sheets being safe for anyone.

Even with the many sheets you get in this pack, they are still affordable. The same cannot be said for Egyptian cotton sheets with the same number of pieces. They might cost you even three times, but these are affordable.

  • ✔️Affordable bamboo sheets
  • ✔️They are comfortable
  • ✔️They offer a perfect fit
  • ❌Some feel the overall quality could be improved

Pure Bamboo Sheets – Queen Size Bed Sheets 4pc Set

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These sheets are crafted from 100% pure bamboo material. With such a high percentage of bamboo in the sheets, you should experience all the benefits that come with using bamboo sheets. One of the benefits is the softness of the sheets is better. You get the feeling of silk on touching the sheets. The softness gets better each time you wash the sheets.

These sheets are highly breathable and ideal for all seasons. The thermo-regulating capability of the sheets makes them good for all seasons. During winter, they will keep you warm and cool during the summer months. The breathability of the sheets means they will not stick to your skin even if you tend to sweat a lot while sleeping.

These sheets are also highly sustainable and eco-friendly. Since bamboo plants can grow faster, then replenishing them should not be an issue. Also, bamboo plants do not need chemical treatment to grow, thus protecting the environment.

  • ✔️Has deep fitted pockets
  • ✔️Great sheets for all seasons
  • ✔️They get softer with each wash
  • ❌They are pricey

Hotel Sheets Direct 100% Bamboo 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set

Photo credit: Amazon

Some people describe sleeping on these sheets as sleeping on a cloud. This is because they are super soft and light. Once you try them out, the chances of opting for other types of bed sheets are minimal. They will always leave you feeling well-rested and ready to tackle the day ahead.

To be among the best, these bed sheets are anti-pilling and elastic all around. This makes it easy for you to fit them to even larger mattresses with ease. Even when you keep using them for years, they do not have the piling downsides.

By opting to use these bedsheets, it means you want something eco-friendly. Considering they are made of 100% Viscose bamboo material; we find that they are good for the environment. Also, the fibers are of the highest quality, meaning you will get the best durability with these bedsheets.

  • ✔️They are soft and light
  • ✔️Hypoallergenic sheets
  • ✔️They are anti-pilling
  • ❌They can get wrinkly after drying

Bamboo Sheets Buying Guide

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When buying bamboo sheets, you need to consider a few things. Not all bamboo sheets are made the same. Here are some considerations to keep in mind.

The Thread Count

This should be the most important consideration as the thread will determine the softness and feel of any sheet. For most bamboo sheets, they would have a thread count of 300. Well, there are some that would have a higher thread count. When you opt for a model with a thread count of 300, it should be a nice benchmark for you to enjoy the benefits of bamboo bed sheets.

The Weave

The weave refers to the way the yarns were interlaced to come up with the fabric. The most common weaves for creating bamboo sheets include percale, sateen, and twill. The percale weave is simple with a one-over, one-under pattern. These sheets will be stronger, lighter, and crisper. They also have a distinct feel like what you find in dress shirts.

Sateen, on the other hand, is two-, three-, or four-over and one-under pattern in both directions. These sheets will have a silkier feel. They will also tend to be thicker, meaningless breathable than the percale sheets.

The twill weave is over and under including an offset pattern. This will end up creating a diagonal ribbing. Such sheets are highly durable and drapey.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Before you can start cleaning bamboo sheets, just know that they need special care. It is why you should consider reading the instructions from the manufacturer first. Most manufacturers would discourage the owners from using peroxide for cleaning their sheets.

Using fabric softener is not recommended or needed. This is because bamboo sheets are already soft. The use of chemicals might end up breaking down the bamboo fibers and thus shortening the sheets’ lifespan.

You can use a mild liquid detergent to clean the sheet. Do not use high heat as it damages the fibers. It is best to consider line drying for airing the sheets. Iron on a low setting is necessary to remove wrinkles from your bedsheets.


Bamboo sheets vs. Egyptian cotton sheets show us there is so much to gain from both types of sheets. It comes down to what you want from your sheets. For someone who wants eco-friendly and durable sheets, then bamboo sheets are ideal. The Egyptian cotton sheets are soft and give you a luxurious feel for a good night’s sleep just as bamboo sheets. If you can easily buy bamboo sheets, we would recommend that you pick them. They are good value for money and will remain usable for almost 15 years if you take good care while cleaning them.


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