Chill in Comfort: The Cooling Benefits of Bamboo Sheets



Are bamboo sheets cooling and comfortable for a restful night’s sleep? Finding sheets that won’t make you overheat and sweaty at night when you run hot is difficult. However, you may already know that bamboo bed sheets help you stay cool and prevent night sweats. Do these rumors hold water? Are bamboo sheets cooling, or are they just another marketing trend?

I am delighted to inform you that bamboo fabric does keep you cool at night because of its outstanding ventilation and moisture-wicking qualities. Anyone sick of laying awake on a bed that feels like an oven would love it. However, not all bamboo bedding is as effective in dissipating body heat. Some businesses utilize an excessively tight weave that restricts ventilation, while others combine bamboo with fibers that retain heat better. In this article, I will explain how bamboo sheets cool your bedtime. Keep reading!

What Did We Know About Bamboo?

The cooling ability was a primary focus when we created our bamboo sheets. We searched worldwide for manufacturers that could provide the lightest, strongest, and most breathable bamboo fabric. We can thus assist you in determining which bamboo sheets will keep you cool and which will make you sweat.

You may get the best cooling bamboo sheets from our website if you need them right now. They are composed of bamboo viscose, which is lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking. And they feel very cool all night long thanks to their unique finish.

Cooling Sheets Means Better Sleep

You already know how difficult it is to sleep when you feel burning. However, did you know that excessive temperatures might disturb your sleep even after falling asleep? It is real! According to research, the portions of your nocturnal cycle that help the body heal damage, retain memories, and recharge its immune system may be disrupted by extreme evening temperatures. So it’s not only about your comfort when you chill in bed. Additionally, it’s necessary for sound sleep.

The best bedding is one of the most crucial suggestions for staying cool at night that we’ve previously provided. Heat is trapped against your body by thick, closely woven materials, keeping it from dissipating into the space around you. Many businesses have created cooling sheets that simplify life for hot sleepers to lessen this overheating impact. The appropriate fabric is the foundation for the best cooling sheets. Bamboo is one of the greatest materials for cooling purposes.

Are Bamboo Sheets Cooling?

In general, bamboo sheets have inherent thermoregulating qualities. As a result, bamboo bedding may keep individuals both warm and cool at the same time by helping to regulate body temperature. But first, let’s talk about how wonderful bamboo sheets are. Lightweight and breathable bamboo bedding are available. On warm evenings, you may stay cool with these.

Bamboo textiles naturally wick moisture, making them the perfect bedding for overheated sleepers. You’re not alone if you wake up in the middle of the night experiencing hot and covered in sweat; between 10% and 40% of individuals are hot sleepers. A moisture-wicking fabric will quickly dry your sweat, preventing it from soaking through to your bedding. Bamboo textiles come in various styles, some of which are breathable while others are not. The types include bamboo-cotton mix, lyocell, modal, linen, & rayon or viscose.

The Cooling Effect of Bamboo Sheets

Why are bamboo sheets cooler than conventional cotton ones? It all comes down to how bamboo fibers are structurally different from cotton threads. Bamboo viscose, a natural fiber obtained from bamboo wood pulp and spun into tiny threads, is commonly used to make bamboo sheets. There are various reasons why bamboo viscose fabric sheets are preferable for hot sleepers:

Bamboo Sheets Are Normally Breathable

Most air can travel through the greatest cooling sheets, allowing your body heat to disperse. You get enclosed in a bubble of hot air when your body heat cannot escape. Because bamboo fibers have so many small holes, heated air may naturally escape through them.

The majority of textiles made from natural materials have some degree of porosity. Because of this, linen and cotton bedding have long been the preferred options for hot sleepers. However, bamboo viscose sheets have more microscopic spaces than traditional cotton and linen, making them more breathable.

Bamboo Sheets Can Absorb Sweat

Bamboo fibers have many tiny holes that absorb a lot of liquid. They will absorb any sweat accumulating on your body, making you dry and at ease. Bamboo sheets are among the finest for night sweats since they are about 40% more absorbent than cotton. You won’t simply benefit from this fabric’s capacity to wick away moisture by not waking up in a puddle. Additionally, it keeps you cool all through the night.

Have you ever noticed that the humidity makes you feel hotter? This is because sweat’s natural ability to reduce body temperature—sweat evaporation—is inhibited by the moisture in the air. When your sheets are covered with sweat, the same thing occurs. Bamboo sheets keep you dry and help you release extra heat because they can absorb fluids well.

Bamboo Sheets Are Compact

The fact that bamboo is one of the world’s softest natural fibers may surprise you. You do not have to weave them as closely to match the softness of other natural textiles since the individual strands are much finer, longer, & smoother than other fibers. Due to this, 300-thread-count bamboo sheets frequently feel softer than expensive Egyptian cotton sheets with far higher stated thread counts.

Using fewer fibers to get the same softness for heat control has enormous advantages. Bamboo bedding may be manufactured with a lot more porous, lightweight weave, giving more space between the fibers for ventilation since it doesn’t need to be heavy and thick to feel comfortable. Without the oppressive heat, you may enjoy the plush feel of thick sheets.

Bamboo Sheets Compared to Other Cooling Fabrics

How does bamboo stack up against other types of bedding material? Let’s examine some further popular varieties of cooling sheets and look at how they do.


There’s a good reason linen sheets are often used for summer attire. It is a highly flimsy, absorbent cloth that quickly vents heated air. While somewhat less breathable than bamboo, linen bedding is marginally more absorbent. The texture of linen bedding is rougher than that of bamboo viscose. Even while it grows softer with each wash, it will never compare to the viscosity of bamboo.

On the positive side, linen often outlasts standard bamboo sheets in terms of durability. However, it is feasible to produce bamboo bedding that will endure a long time by using just the strongest fibers.


Not only bamboo can be used to create cooling cloth. Another well-liked option for cooling bed sheets is Tencel, made from eucalyptus fibers. Bamboo rayon, bamboo viscose, and Tencel are almost identical materials. The manufacturing procedure makes the most difference. The chemicals and water required to remove the natural fibers are recycled throughout the production of Tencel using a closed-loop process. This is why many people believe it to be more environmentally friendly.

Properly managing the chemicals used in viscose manufacturing may lessen its effect on the environment. Hush makes it a point to only get our cloth from morally and ecologically responsible vendors.


For a good reason, cotton has a poor reputation for cooling. Most individuals know that wearing cotton while working out can cause it to get wet and stick to your skin rapidly. Bamboo viscose will absorb a lot more water than cotton before becoming saturated.

Making cooling cotton sheets is still doable, despite this. Supima and Egyptian cotton are examples of long-staple cotton varietals that allow for soft, light weaves with respectable levels of breathability. Look for sheets with a percale weave made of long-staple cotton if cooling is a top goal. These cotton sheets are the most absorbent. Even yet, bamboo sheets often stay cooler than any cotton bedding.


A single thread under & at least three threads over is the pattern used to weave the cloth. It is very plush, comparable to satin & silk. The sateen-woven bamboo sheet traps heat, even though it is often a quality of bedding that can keep you cool at night.


For the twill, the design is typical of denim goods: diagonal parallel ribs give the cloth texture. Even though the twill-woven sheet is not smooth, it is ideal for chilly winter evenings. It is also strong.

Artificial Materials

Additionally, materials like microfiber, polyester, & nylon may be used to create bed linens. They are hydrophobic, meaning they wick sweat far from your skin like bamboo sheet sets. However, rather than being created from organic materials like bamboo, these textiles are made from inorganic ones like coal and petroleum.

Bamboo sheets may not be as effective at removing perspiration as synthetic ones. However, they cannot keep you calm. These materials don’t breathe well. As a result of their great density, they trap heat contrary to your body. Synthetic fabrics could be suitable for bedding if you struggle with nighttime cold sweats. If not, stick to bamboo.

Bamboo Bed Sheets With Cooling Qualities

The bamboo textiles listed below offer cooling qualities:

Rayon Bamboo

The most popular kind of bamboo fabric is rayon, sometimes referred to as bamboo viscose. It is produced by processing bamboo into a pulp & utilizing chemicals to transform it into fiber laboriously. A soft, thermo-regulating finished product is required for a bed sheet set that keeps you cool at night.

Modal Bamboo

The bamboo modal is produced using the same method as rayon but with an extra stretching layer. The product is more robust as a result of the additional stage. Additionally, since it is lighter and finer, it is more absorbent, which is essential for a cooling bed sheet.

Lyocell Bamboo

Because it utilizes fewer chemicals, bamboo lyocell is regarded as the most ecologically friendly bamboo kind. Additionally, it is made of the softest bamboo fabric, which feels silky smooth to the touch and is quite cool at night.

The weaving process also impacts the cooling qualities of bamboo. Percale, sateen, and twill are the three weaving techniques used for bamboo fibers. The greatest fabric for keeping you cool is percale. A crisp cloth with a matte finish is created by weaving a single thread over & another beneath. Lightweight textiles made using percale weaving provide the breathability sweltering sleepers need.

Do Bamboo Sheets Get Too Much Hype?

Some websites contend that the benefits of bamboo are exaggerated, and sometimes they may have a point. Many businesses made promises when bamboo bed sheets initially came onto the market, but those claims have yet to warrant additional investigation.

Additionally, several businesses overestimate how eco-friendly bamboo cloth is. Compared to most other textile crops, bamboo does grow considerably more quickly, uses less water, and needs fewer pesticides. But certain chemicals are needed to transform it into bed linens. Sadly, not all producers take the necessary precautions to keep harmful toxins out of the land and water.

However, this only becomes an issue if you purchase fabric from businesses that use inferior materials. At Hush, we only buy bamboo viscose that is produced responsibly. Additionally, approved by OEKO-TEX, our sheets are free of problematic substances.

It’s important to note that many opponents of bamboo overstate their arguments. For instance, some contend that bamboo viscose needs to be quick-drying or moisture-wicking. This is untrue; studies have shown that bamboo cloth dries much more quickly than cotton. It takes longer to dry out when it’s wet because it can absorb 40% greater amounts of moisture before it starts to feel damp.

Some people dispute the claim that bamboo is softer than cotton. Both materials’ feel may vary greatly depending on the weave and the kind of fibers used. Nevertheless, a bamboo sheet set will unquestionably be softer than a cotton sheet with the same thread count.

Cooling Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

Because bamboo viscose sheets are still very new on the market, it’s important to know what benefits you may expect from them. Here are a few advantages of using these bed linens.

Temperature Control

Bamboo viscose bedding may be a blessing if you often have heated dreams while you sleep. The fact that these sheets are very breathable is one of their most important advantages. However, this material also has exceptional temperature-regulating qualities, so the bedsheets are made to keep you toasty in the winter and cool on blistering summer evenings.

Bamboo viscose sheets are also well-known for their capacity to wick away moisture. Because wet sheets may attract insects, serve as a breeding ground for germs, and cause skin illnesses, this trait is vital in humid climates. Sheets prevent mattress smells caused by dampness.


The sheets are very durable since bamboo fibers are inherently lengthy. The likelihood of pilling or tearing increases with other fabric kinds, some of which may be made with shorter threads. With proper care, even a pair of bamboo viscose sheets might last you up to 5 to 6 years, if not longer.

Bamboo viscose sheets have the extra benefit of not absorbing moisture, so they are less prone to yellow over time. Instead, you may repeatedly have your bed linens cleaned until they are spotless.


You will have a decent night’s sleep if you have an ultra-soft bedsheet to match your mattress. Fortunately, bamboo sheets are capable of providing just that.

The unparalleled suppleness of bamboo viscose sheets is one of its distinguishing features. The fabric may have a lesser thread count, but it is wonderfully soft. For babies and those with sensitive skin, sheets made of bamboo viscose may be the finest option because of how soft they feel to the touch. The greatest thing is that the sheets continue to become softer with usage, in case you didn’t think it could get much better.


Bamboo-derived viscose absorbs moisture and is inherently hypoallergenic, making it a fantastic option for hypoallergenic bedding and allergy sufferers. The remaining moisture often draws bacteria, mold, dust mites, & fungus. These linens’ hypoallergenic qualities allow you to rest comfortably without worrying about getting the sniffles.


Although bamboo viscose sheets can defend themselves from fading, they are not impervious to external stains like other sheets. Because they retain moisture, certain sheets may fade with time.

However, bamboo viscose is renowned for its ability to wick away moisture, keeping your sheets looking fantastic for years. This also means that you won’t have to use bleach or other harmful substances to make the sheets seem brand new, making them simpler to maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bamboo more effective than cotton?

Viscose made from bamboo is one of the most durable and reasonably priced materials for clothing, bedding, and general coziness. Bamboo surpasses cotton three times in shape, strength, & durability in shirts, pants, bed linens, and towels when properly cared for.

What are the drawbacks of using bamboo sheets?

Bamboo linen, known as bamboo fiber, employs a chemical-free mechanical technique, which may appeal more to environmentally aware consumers even if it may be more difficult to get. But the final cloth is often a little coarse & prone to wrinkles.

Are Bamboo Sheets Hot to the Touch?

You won’t sweat if you sleep on bamboo bedding. They provide excellent breathability and aid in minimizing discomfort and sweat.

Should bamboo sheets be ironed?

If there are any creases, you may remove them with your hands or, if you’d like, iron them (although this isn’t always required). Reminder: Avoid using bleach, dryer sheets, balls, or fabric softener on bamboo clothing.

Can bamboo sheets get discolored?

However, because of the nature of bamboo fibers, they may also be highly sensitive and susceptible to stains from creams, lotions, and bodily fluids. As a result of sweat, skin oil, physiological fluids, body lotions, therapeutic skin creams, and dirt, bamboo sheets may, over time, become yellow or stained.

Final Thoughts

After using bamboo sheets designed to keep you cool, I must admit that they certainly live up to their reputation. When it comes to having a pleasant and energizing night’s sleep, bamboo sheets are a game-changer, particularly during warm summer evenings. Bamboo bedding is a great option for a cool, pleasant night’s sleep. You’ll not only sleep better, but you’ll also be helping to create a world that is more ecologically friendly and sustainable. Therefore, treat yourself to the pleasure of bamboo sheets, and you’ll probably never want to return to traditional bedding.



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