How To Clean Engineered Bamboo Floors?



Are you finding the perfect method of cleaning your engineered bamboo floor? People need clarification about the right way to tidy up their home floors. That is why I’m here to sort out how to clean engineered bamboo floors simply and effectively.

The bamboo floor is effortless to clean because it doesn’t require any high-end cleanser. Simply dust off regularly with a soft bristle brush or occasionally clean with a pH-balanced mild solution. Always keep it dry to enjoy its long lifespan.

Want to know more? Stay with me throughout the article to know the safest and most possible methods of bamboo floor cleaning, maintenance, and specific quarries.

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4 Ways To Clean Engineered Bamboo Floors: Quick And Easy

Bamboo floors are already sustainable(1) and less prone to damage. It is not necessary to use high-end cleansing products or DIYs. I’ve mentioned a few safe and simple ways to reduce the cleaning hassle.

Way 1: Dusting With Soft Brush

To clean an engineered bamboo floor, regular swiping is the best option. It is entirely cost-free and doesn’t have any negative impact on bamboo. This cleaning is also maintenance to keep the bamboo floor damage-free that sustains for a long time.

Cleaning Process:

  • Take a soft bristle Sweeping brush, which is not harsh.
  • Sweep the floor every single day or even twice a day.

Way 2: Using PH Neutral Cleansing Products

This method is more advanced in the field of bamboo floor cleaning. Bamboo is sensitive to high and low Ph cleaners. That’s why there are better commercial options for safe cleansing.

Cleaning Process:

  • Take Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner and spray it all over the floor.
  • Then wipe off with a microfiber cloth.
  • The solution is drying very fast, so do the wiping quickly.

Way 3: Wipe Of Spills Immediately

But when you have the bamboo floor, it’s a concern. Try to be conscious and never be scared of any fall. Follow the method below. Read Here: How to Get Scratches Out of Bamboo Floors [Guide]

Cleaning Process:

  • Take a soft rag cloth that has good absorbance.
  • Wipe off the residue as soon as possible.

Way 4: Cleaning With Wet Mop

This cleaning method is effective and quick-fixing but only possible to do without allowing harm to the bamboo floor. Try this one when you have no other option and need to remove any stain instantly.

Cleaning Process:

  • Take a slightly damp mop that is soft enough.
  • Ensure it dries completely. Rub on the targeted area or overall following the same direction of bamboo gains.
  • Ensure it dries completely.

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7 Things To Maintain Engineered Bamboo Floors

The engineered bamboo floor does not necessitate numerous steps or products. It all comes down to routine servicing. Maintaining a protective posture will never require extensive cleaning. Keep the tidiness for a long time.

1.   Use Doormats:

The first potential step is to keep the bamboo floor clean. Place a doormat in front of the house’s entrance so that extra dirt cannot come into the room. As a result, the foundation will get less dusty.

2.   Never Put On Outside Shoes On The Floor:

The soles of the shoes we wear outside are hard and abrasive because the feet need a barrier to stay protected. But if you walk on the bamboo floor wearing this footwear, there will be scratches. So, keep outdoor shoes outside the house.

3.   Avoid Furniture Polish:

But, the floor gets oil on bamboo floors, and accidents can happen. A variety of commercial furniture polishing agents are available in the market. These are useful for furniture and maintenance signs.

4.   Say No To Vacuum Cleaner:

Vacuuming with a device may leave scratches on the floor. However, some special-featured vacuum for hardwood floors offers soft, sweeping dusting. Try them out, or skip them entirely.

5.   Dry Excess Water Immediately:

After water cleansing, make sure to dry out all the excess moisture. Otherwise, a damp area can develop the growth of bacteria and cause cell damage to the bamboo floor. This time, open the door and windows to allow air and sunlight into the room to dry out the base.

6.   Don’t Use Harsh Alkaline Or Acidic Ingredients:

Those cleaning products contain high amounts of alkaline or acidic ingredients that can dehydrate the bamboo floor and decrease its color and shine. I always prefer something milder for cleaning engineered bamboo floors.

7.   Restrict Sun Exposure:

People are unaware that excessive sun exposure destroys the luster of bamboo(2). Therefore, prevent direct sunlight from entering the house to avoid UV damage. If the home is open, use curtains on doors and windows. These warning bamboo floors will help keep it shiny for a long time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Shouldn’t You Do When Cleaning Engineered Bamboo Floors?

Don’t use harsh chemicals or DIY recipes for cleaning bamboo floors. Besides, avoid using commercial furniture polish like waxes, oils, or silicone to keep it streak-free. Regular sweeping or wiping with a soft damp mop is enough to clean and restore the shine of an engineered bamboo floor.

Can You Steam-mop Engineered Bamboo Floors?

The bamboo floor is not waterproof, so never use a steam mop to clean it. Mopping can absorb moisture into bamboo, gradually damaging the floor. There is no need to use specific products or tools for cleaning bamboo floors. Simple dry brushing with soft bristles will provide perfect tidiness.

Can You Mop Engineered Bamboo Floors With Water?

The soft and slightly damp mop is usable for cleaning bamboo floors. Too much water can ruin the texture of bamboo because it penetrates moisture into the cell. That is why a wet mop with extra water or a steam mop is the wrong choice. Besides, always dry it out properly.

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Final Verdict:

Bamboo is a renowned material because of its strength and sustainability. Preservation and maintenance are super easy and cost-free. Also, there is minimal hassle in cleaning the engineered bamboo floor. There is no need to make any extra effort. Follow the guide on how to clean engineered bamboo floors, and you will enjoy a clean home.


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